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Welcome in Parvis

Innovation to be a step ahead

Image by Giovanni Mocellin

Our Reality

We are a community of students and professional roles with different skills and fields of study, united by the ambition of creating our future. 
We are based in the beautiful city of Trento. ​​

Parvis therefore represents an opportunity for all those who wish to cultivate their passions and wish to make them their job.​​

We are open to any idea that has someone behind it who believes in it.​

You bring your dreams, together we make them come true.

Image by Joshua Kettle

Our History

Parvis originated during the Covid period, a group of students wanted to develop their own ideas and projects so they came together under this association.
The first step was to group other like-minded students; with entrepreneurial spirit and a great desire to get involved.
Various projects also arrived together with the members, some continue independently and others have been set aside.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Abraham Lincoln

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